Antique Mirrored Credenza

antiqueYou may not come across many antique pieces, considering they are not as readily available as, say, contemporary furniture. But when you spot an antique mirrored credenza, you’ll immediately want to own it. This piece is unlike other common furniture. It is a furniture masterpiece of sorts, carved and joined together with precision and stellar workmanship. Antique furniture stands out most specially in modern styled rooms. Place your mirrored antique credenza at a corner in your dining room or move it to the kitchen. You can also place it in the living room to infuse this room with a rustic ambience. Draw attention to it by placing some flowers on top or showcase your collectibles here, effectively transforming it into a display unit.

The perfect credenza provides ample table top surface for the placement of items and sufficient storage space for basic kitchen and dining items. Antique credenzas have a excellent balance of both, so you won’t have to sacrifice one over the other. The mirrored surface simply adds beauty to make this credenza a truly aesthetic piece. For the most complementary look, incorporate antique colors in the room. This also ensures that the credenza does not appear isolated. Warm tones and earth colors work great to help the antique unit blend in. The simplest way to add these is via furnishing like drapes, floor rugs, throw pillows and seat covers. Repainting the walls or fixing wallpaper gives spectacular results, but it is costly and may not be an option unless you’re doing a complete room makeover.